Let me assist you in becoming rooted in your healing so you can gracefully flourish to branch out and become who you are called to be

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Issues within the mental health field has been on a constant rise. Individuals have not been receiving the proper treatment for their mental health issues. Not receiving proper treatment can result in negative consequences for the community and society.


Those negative consequences are high crime rates, high psychiatric hospitalizations, high suicide rate, and high substance users.

Gracefully Purposed Counseling & Consulting, LLC was established in 2020, to assist society in implementing effective practices that will decrease negative consequences associated with mental health. Additionally, it was founded to assist individuals in healing on their journey throughout life, despite the roadblocks and speed bumps he/she may encounter. Gracefully Purposed Counseling & Consulting, LLC strives to gracefully assist individuals in becoming aware of who they’re purposed to be.

Gracefully Purposed Counseling & Consulting, LLC will utilize several therapeutic orientations to aid individuals in receiving proper treatment and enable a holistic healing. It’s time to act and take our community back. It is time to ensure our children are safe and our environment is safe.


Our Services

Treatment modalities provided are individual therapy, family therapy, and couple therapy. Group therapy coming September 2020. Therapeutic services are offered to individuals who battle with the following: