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CONTACT US 225-888-7689

Gracefully Purposed Counseling & Consulting, Licensed in 2020 by CEO/Owner LPC Donna Barnes. Our founder brings a uniqueness like no other. She innovates and implements strategies to better assist clients. Ms. Donna has successfully obtained her Associates in Criminal Justice, Masters in Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Her experience working as a Juvenile Justice Specialist and counselor helped her to embark and develop Gracefully Purposed Counseling & Consulting, LLC. This private practice agency was founded to assist individuals in healing on their journey throughout life, despite the roadblocks and speed-bumps he or she may encounter. In addition, we serve purpose to gracefully assist individuals to become aware of who they are purposed to be.


To equip individuals with essential skills needed to gracefully navigate through life and reach their fullest potential.


We vision for individuals to gain a sense of who they are, become whole, and experience a sense of fulfillment needed to live a healthy life.


We will provide excellent clientele services to those in need.
We will provide individualized treatment based on clientele needs. 
We will strive to heal the "whole" being. 

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