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About the owner.jpg

About Owner

     I, Donna Barnes, LPC am the owner of Gracefully Purposed Counseling & Consulting, LLC.

I obtained my Master of Science in Psychology from Kaplan University in 2012. In 2015, I attended Southern University to obtain a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I graduated in 2017 and became licensed as an LPC in January 2020. I have an extensive background of working with individuals who battle with mental health issues. I have worked with juveniles at Jetson Juvenile Facility. Majority of my experience, 4 years, was working in the MHR sector, assessing children, adolescent, and adult needs in the community, home and school settings. I have worked with adolescents and adults who battle with substance abuse issues, ranging from group therapy to individual therapy. I am trained to administer the Addiction Severity Index (ASI). I have a total of 8 years of experience serving the mental health population.

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